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Home Entertainment Celebrities talk about their favourite Emoji on World Emoji Day!

Celebrities talk about their favourite Emoji on World Emoji Day!

What’s! your Favourite

Jasmin Bhasin: More expressive Favourite ❤️ Enough of conversation👍👍👍
Yes they have, it makes it more expressive and fun too.

Salim Diwan: Play a vital role to make messages beautiful and entertaining
My all-time favourite emoji is Smiling Face with blush on checks😊. I think this emoji expresses my genuine happiness and warm & positive feelings to my reader. Usually, when I have enough of a conversation I use a normal Smiley face🙂 with thumbs up 👍.
Emojis are playing a vital role to make our messages more understandable & beautiful and it has also made the task less daunting and more entertaining for both the reader and the sender to understand the emotions of that particular time.

Jasmin Bhasin: Messaging has become easier and more expressive
😷 This has been my favorite emoji since last year. This one says it keep taking precautions during these testing times. Emojis have made messaging easier and more expressive. One can simply convey their emotions to the other person’s by one click🙂

Zohaeb Farooqui: Makes conversation colourful and lively I do use it a lot. It makes conversation colourful and lively and one of my most favourite one is, actually there are two ‘❤️ 🤗 ‘

Nikkiey Chawla: Emojis are part of our lives Emojis have become a part of our lives. People from the Industry or metro city use it but in small towns, I’ve even seen people who are not that good with the spellings know about emojis. I’ll share an experience with my mother. Sometimes when she wants to talk she’ll send me some emojis like she’s not feeling well. She avoids typing too much and she’ll keep sending me those emojis. Earlier, I used to type when there were no emojis. When I used to blush and all I used to blush on my face only. While typing the message I am blushing. So I used to write wink wink, smile smile but since the emojis have come it has helped so much. My favourite emojis are the 👑 because I send it many times and the second is 🤭. Emojis have made the messaging world very beautiful.

Sneha Namanandi: Can’t do without emojis The fact is that I just don’t talk without emojis and gifs. I am a very colourful person (not in a literal sense) hence I like to make conversations and things around me interesting and adventurous. Be it a funny conversation or a serious conversation I just can’t do without emojis and gifs. Emojis can make things lighter. Don’t be dead serious about life. It (emoji) is my way of living, they make the conversation a little less serious and that’s why I love using emojis.
My fav emojis are 😂🤪😮🙄 Emojis definitely are becoming increasingly popular and are effective in expressing our emotions with just a tap of our finger.


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