Chinese jets ‘tracked by missiles’ after entering Tawnies Territory

Its no secret that Chinese were very upset at the proposed visit of US health chief Alex Azar .to Taiwan. But no one expected CHINA to sent fighter jets across the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait at the same time the US health chief Alex Azar visited the island to offer President Donald Trump’s support

However, the aircraft were tracked by land-based Taiwanese anti-aircraft missiles and were “driven out” by patrolling Taiwanese aircraft, said a statement released by the defence ministry.

China’s defence ministry did not immediately comment after yet another humiliation.

China was “targeting” Mr Azar’s visit with a “very risky” . The imperialistic vision of china is getting bolder and bolder with time. This was third incursion since 2016 that Taiwan has said Chinese jets had crossed the strait’s median line.

The Trump administration has made strengthening its support for the democratic island a priority, amid deteriorating relations between Washington and Beijing, and has boosted arms sales.

Washington broke off official ties with Taipei in 1979 in favour of Beijing.

Mr Azar is visiting to strengthen economic and public-health cooperation with Taiwan and support its international role in fighting the novel coronavirus. Taiwan’s early and effective steps to fight the disease have kept its case numbers far lower than those of its neighbours, with 480 infections and seven deaths. Most cases have been imported.

The US, which has had more coronavirus cases and deaths than any other country, has repeatedly clashed with China over the pandemic, accusing Beijing of lacking transparency.

Taiwan has been particularly grateful for U.S. support to permit its attendance at the World Health Organization’s decision-making body the World Health Assembly (WHA), and to allow it greater access to the organisation.

Taiwan is not a member of the WHO due to China’s objections.

China considers Taiwan a Chinese province.

Author: Amit Anshu

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