Age no bar: When politicians chose younger brides for a happily ever after

Being in love is hardly something to feel politically incorrect about. 
Age and community, specifically, have seldom succeeded in stopping lovers from becoming married couples. Looking beyond the realms of popular culture, here’s a list of couples from the world of politics, who, despite a considerable age-gap, and at times, even distinct ideologies, have had long-standing, successful marriages. 
Take a look at these instances:


JDS leader H.D Kumaraswami married a second time. His wife Radhika Kumaraswami is 27 years younger. Strangely and rather coincidentally, she was born in the same year when Kumaraswami married his first wife. 

Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rai

After the death of his first spouse Asha Devi, Digvijay Singh married journalist Amrita Rai in the year 2015. The age difference between the couple is about 25 years but nothing has ever come into the way of their loving and respectable marriage of five years.

Pawan Kalyan with Anna Lezhneva

Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan has married thrice in his life. Nandini and Renu Desai are his first two spouses. His third marriage in 2013 took place with Anna Lezhneva, who was all of seven when he married for the first time in 1997.

Lalu Prasad Yadav with Rabri Devi

Popular leader Lalu Prasad Yadav is 11 years older than his wife Rabri Devi, something that was common in arranged matches made back in the day. The couple has been blessed with several kids, a political party and power in happy measures.

Devandra Fadnavis with Amruta Fadnavis

Maharashtra’s former Chief Minister, Devandra Fadnavis is 9 years older than his wife, banker-turned-singing star Amruta Fadnavis. The couple has been married for several years now. 

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